Johann Joachim Kaendler

Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775) was one of the most important modellers at the MEISSEN® Porcelain Manufactory. Augustus the Strong recruited the then just 25-year-old to MEISSEN®, with a view to his furnishing the art-loving ruler’s Japanese Palace with statuary and other ware, in 1731. Kaendler, a trained sculptor in stone, immediately set about elaborating the first truly European formal vocabulary for porcelain – in the process ushering in a golden artistic age at the Manufactory. Kaendler was the be all and end all of modelling at MEISSEN® for almost 44 years. No works from any period are in such demand, even now, as his. His globally celebrated “Swan Service” is surely the magnum opus of German Baroque art, eloquent testimony to a glorious epoch in history. Johann Joachim Kaendler completed this inimitable project between 1737 and 1742 to an order by Heinrich Count Brühl, a monumental achievement both for himself and the Manufactory.