The Hunt

Hunting was unquestionably one of the abiding passions of Augustus the Third, son of the Manufactory’s founder Augustus the Strong: he is actually said to have gone off chasing wildlife at least every other day.

The Baroque era witnessed a craze for par force hunting in the French manner - hundreds of hounds chased and harried the game, leaving huntsmen riding up from the rear to finish the job off. Bearing witness to this are a number of hunting lodges, numerous hunt trophies and, of course, Augustus the Strong’s porcelain collection. Vases, tableware and goblets adorned with animal and hunt motifs were all essential appointments in any royal hunting lodge.

Hunting patterns accordingly entered the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory repertoire at a very early stage, in 1722. And the hunt is still an abiding passion amongst Meissen Manufactory staff today, as demonstrated by Jörg Danielczyk’s modern hunt-motif candleholders.